Land of Mine (2015)

If they are old enough to go to war, they are old enough to clean up.

I thought this Danish film was really good…visually stunning, well-acted and emotional (it’ll make you question your humanity and wonder how you would’ve reacted if you were thrust in this situation in post-WWII Denmark)…I love that in a movie…get me really think about who I am and my values, breaking points, etc.

But if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s hard for a WWII based movie to do wrong in my book (with a few exceptions…recall Where Hands Touch). Selected as Denmark’s submission for the Foreign Language Film Award at the 89th Academy Awards, this movie definitely got you attached to these young men/boys involved in the dangerous clean-up and aftermath of the destruction of a war they were thrust into. It’s believed that more than 2,000 German soldiers were forced to remove mines, and nearly half of them lost their lives or limbs.

I came across this movie because of Danish actor Mikkel Boe Foelsgaard (The Rain & Sommeren ’92) and German actor Louis Hofmann of Dark (which I am currently making my way through…review coming soon). Every actor pulled their weight in this one. Mikkel even had me disliking him, which is some good acting since I think it’s hard to dislike him…I follow him on IG and he seems like a very likable guy LOL.

I highly recommend this one…don’t let the subtitles scare you away! Are there any other WWII foreign films you guys suggest I watch…I’m always open to adding to the forever growing queue. I believe I rented this one on Amazon Prime Video.