Where Hands Touch (2018)

Man…this one was painful…and I like Amandla Stenberg, but this was hard to make it all the way through. Set in WWII Germany, this is the story of a teenage girl born to a German mother and an African father who forms a friendship/love interest with a Hitler Youth and son of a prominent SS officer (played by George MacKay) and the consequences of said relationship and their fight to stay alive.

This movie was baffling (especially the ending)…we sped through backstory and character building and we’re just left with a hodgepodge of scenes of which most were unnecessary (as were Abbie Cornish‘s bleached eyebrows lol) and illogical. You would never think that the choices or dialogue would be made or uttered. The acting was mediocre and the overall movie just seemed loosely tied together and scatterbrained. And I questioned Leyna’s (Stenberg) logic, empathy and thought-process (and her “German accent”…its always tricky when American’s try and do other countries’ accents…the running joke is that we’re not very good at it lol).

It’s not very often that I say don’t waste your time on a movie (because people have put their hard earned time and energy into making it) but please don’t waste your time on this one. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.