The Haunting of Hill House (2018 – )

The Netflix horror series that everyone was talking about in 2018…you couldn’t escape it. This one started off slow for me…it didn’t really get good until the last couple of episodes. But let me be upfront, horror films, as a genre, don’t really do it for me (with a few exceptions). But don’t get me wrong, I watch a whole lot of them LOL. But I guess you could say I’m like The Academy when it comes to the horror genre…I don’t give it its due…and I’ll accept that criticism…that’s valid.

But back to Hill House…I thought the cinematography was superb, the ensemble cast and acting were great…it definitely made me want to watch more of Michiel Huisman (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society)…he just has such a presence. And I hadn’t seen Timothy Hutton and Henry Thomas in a while. Even the kid actors (Julian Hilliard, Violet McGraw, Paxton Singleton, Mckenna Grace and Lulu Wilson) were amazing! The set design was exceptional and I loved how the series kept jumping between the past and present to tell the story of this troubled family and their haunting memories of their family home. I also think the writing was great and dealt with such heavy issues such as addiction, death, mental illness, family, and forgiveness amongst other things. But don’t go into this expecting a bunch of jump-scares or gore or something…this one was more subtle horror which I learned to appreciate. Overall, I thought the 1st season was very well done and I highly recommend watching! Currently streaming on Netflix.