Adore (2013)


So this is what we’re doing in 2019 (or 2013 rather, since that’s when this came out)?! Is this normal behavior??? This movie is about a pair of childhood friends who fall for each other’s sons. The actions of everyone involved in this story were baffling to me…I just thought it was outlandish. We’re just gonna watch these two boys grow into men and when they’re late teens/early 20s we’ll start bangin’ ’em and go on double dates like this is normal (kinda like how in The Shape of Water, everyone was “ok” with Elisa bangin’ a “fishman”…don’t get me wrong…love WHO you love but don’t ask me as an audience member to act like absolutely no one is gonna “side eye” it…)…you’re really asking me to suspend belief…and in a non-sci-fi based movie to top it off SMH.

I legit got 10 minutes out from the very end of this and threw my hands up in defeat…I couldn’t take it anymore. Ian was willing to throw everything away (or at least his kid) to be with this woman?! And the entire time I was questioning Tom’s motives…did he really start that affair to get back at Ian and his mom? Or did he really love her? Or was she just something to do when he got bored or drunk? It was just weird to me…call me a prude or whatever…I’ll take it.

I’ll be totally honest, I only made it as far as I did because there were two hot guys shirtless (the majority of the time) with Australian accents LOL. And I’m a fan of Xavier Samuels SMH. Sure, you can get all intellectual and whatnot and say that its about forbidden romance or Oedipal complexes, etc. but I just couldn’t get with it…the cinematography was beautiful though. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this one…there’s no need…no redeeming qualities to overshadow the crazy plot. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.