Series Review: The Rain (2018 – )

A Danish sci-fi thriller TV series that follows a rag-tag group of teenagers/twentysomethings trying to navigate a post-apocalyptic-ish, ruthless world in which the rain will kill you. I watched the dubbed version (probably should’ve watched it with the subtitles on) but it wasn’t that distracting (sometimes the dubbing can turn out quite comical when it isn’t supposed to be and can distract from the quality). This series didn’t get a lot of super positive reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (although it did take me two starts to actually get through it).

I love how the series brings these characters together, each with their own backstories, secrets and baggage, but then kinda turns them into a family. Each character gets an episode to show how they survived the initial rain and evolved into the person they currently are in the group…each have had their morality and humanity tested at some point. The casting was great and you could really feel the chemistry amongst the group. This was realistically acted by Alba August, Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard, Lukas Lokken, Jessica Dinnage, Angela Bundalovic and Sonny Lindberg amongst others.

With the majority of the story taking place in the forest as the group travels from Denmark to Sweden (to find the cure/the Dad/the answers), it is beautifully shot and edited. Filled with guilt, love, intrigue, deception and somewhat of a twist at the end of the final episode of the season…this was a good watch that I recommend with or without the subtitles. I’m glad this one was greenlit for a second season because it definitely left off very open-ended with multiple directions the characters could go…supposedly, the new season will air this year.  Currently streaming on Netflix.