The Mist (2017)

A redux of Steven King‘s sci-fi, horror story about a fog (“The Mist”) that rolls into a small town and reeks havoc testing the towns morality and sanity. Between the rain and the mist, nature will kill us all one day (thank you global warming…). I will say that this series was not very good but for some reason, I couldn’t look away and ended up watching the entire season (all 10 episodes) SMH. I disliked all of the characters, with the exception of Jay (played by Australian actor Luke Cosgrove)…boy, did I feel sorry for him (rape accusation, dad tries to kill you, etc. sheesh). The acting was over-the-top and subpar and the series really had a “B-movie” type feel to it.

I can honestly say, I haven’t talked to the tv this much in a long time…the characters just kept making irrational, illogical, dumbfounding decisions. If you want to yell at the TV to no avail, go ahead and watch, but I wouldn’t recommend it…your neighbors will just think you’re mentally unstable LOL. Currently streaming on Netflix.