Quick Review: Cam (2018)

Just from seeing the trailer for this one, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but when it was first released, Netflix kept shoving it in my face…I guess the algorithm knows me better than I know myself *eye roll*. But I gave it a chance, and it wasn’t bad…not bad at all. It has a very indie feel to it which definitely works for the subject matter since the film revolves around the world of internet chat rooms and web cam shows. The film goes down a very weird and dangerous rabbit hole that really gets you thinking about our real-world life vs our internet selves and the interconnection between the two.

This very millennial thriller revolves around web cam girl Alice, expertly played Madeline Brewer (who was mesmerizing in this part and came across very authentic), who’s trying to climb the “web cam girl ladder” for fame and fortune. It really gets one thinking about the lengths and measures we would go to in today’s social media/internet-driven world where everyone wants to be “Insta-Famous” and you have to push the boundaries and be more “creative” than the next person to break through all the clutter.

Throw in some “sex”, violence, family drama and the dark side of the Internet (and people in general) and you have a pretty intriguing thriller (sometimes I even got some what of an Ex Machina-esqe vibe). Very well shot and edited. I’m still not sure I’ve solved the mystery of how things happened, but I have a few theories (that’s probably my only peeve with this film, they didn’t exactly explain how “this” happened…or I was just too dense to fully get it…who knows). For those who have seen this, I’d love to hear your theories down in the comment section. My sister watched it (on her on volition) and we talked in length about our different theories…and that’s what good movies should do right, get people talking about them! Overall, if you’re looking for something different from the typical Hollywood fare, check this one out! Currently streaming on Netflix.

Cool Side Bar: I found out after having watching this film that one of my super talented friends from high school had a hand in making this film…very cool…big props to him!