Special (2019 – )

A slightly more adult ‘Atypical.’ — Me

I’m a huge fan of this Netflix Original. I love when diverse voices are given a chance to tell their stories! We’ve all got a story…and we all want to be heard…and we all need to see ourselves represented on the big and small screen! #RepresentationMatters

This is the hilarious story of Ryan, a young man with cerebral palsy who lets people believe that his “disability” is a result of a car accident and his quest for independence, normalcy and love…what we all crave. Based on the life of and created by lead actor Ryan O’Connell, all of the characters are spot-on, hilarious and very representative of our Millenial generation LOL.

This is a super fun watch and the episodes are only like 15 mins a pop which is easily digestible (I definitely watched the 1st season in one sitting). It’s definitely addictive and reels you in…you want to stay tuned to see what shenanigans Ryan gets into. Great mix of humor and drama…side-splitting scenes and tender, touching moments. The writing is superb and deftly encapsulates our generation. Great one-lines and comedic timing. The entire cast is amazing and grounded and outlandish…especially Jessica Hecht (“Karen”), Punam Patel (“Kim”), Augustus Prew (“Carey”) and Patrick Fabian (“Phil”). Complex and dealing with all of today’s issues…the social media facade, quest for companionship, etc…highly recommend. Currently streaming on Netflix.