Catch-22 (Limited Series, 2019)

It doesn’t make a damned bit of difference who wins the war to someone who’s dead.

This George Clooney produced Hulu limited series was much talked about and definitely peaked my interest. Even though I had never read the book before watching this show (even though I own a copy SMH), I was familiar with the subject matter and after  reading some of the reviews and interviews with the cast, I was interested to see how they would tone down the misogny and make the story resonate with today’s modern audience in the #MeToo era. (Update: I just finished listening to the book on Audible…shout out to Audible!)

I thought this was well-done. Usually, I spend the least of my streaming time on Hulu, but this one had me coming back every evening after work to see what predicament Yossarian would get into and how the next episode would unfold. It was only 6 episodes but they usually left me in  such a state of shock, emotionally drained, that I had to break it up instead of binging it all in 1 Saturday…my initial plan.

Expertly cast, well-acted and superbly written and shot. Christopher Abbott (who’s giving me real Kit Harrington vibes LOL) as the lead character “Yossarian,” was a great choice (I wasn’t familiar with his prior work, but I started watching Girls to see more of him…I know I’m late to this bandwagon LOL). He was an excellent mix of dry humor and emotionless and his unraveling over the series was very well-done. He did a great job of encapsulating “Yo-Yo’s” disillusionment with the bureaucracy and the war itself (his personality reminds me a little of my own). and you gotta give him mad props for baring all in the final episode. He definitely wasn’t a “perfect” hero (protagonist) but you definitely empathized with him and grew to like his character.

George Clooney and Kyle Chandler were hilarious…the comedic timing and facial expressions were spot on…especially Chandler’s! Lewis Pullman (Bad Times at the El Royale) who played “Major Major” was great and I loved Daniel David Stewart, who played “Milo” the profiteer. And Grant Heslov‘s “Doc Daneeka” was hilarious. And Rafi Gavron was really good as “Aarfy”…he definitely made you dislike his character. I would be here all day if I called out everybody…but all the other guys and gals were really great as well…event thought there wasn’t a whole lot of back story on Yo-Yo’s friends/fellow crew mates, you definitely grew an attachment to them…thanks to the acting and great writing.

This was very well-shot and the aerial scenes were great with beautiful locales and great set and costume design to really set the mood and juxtapose the seriousness of the storyline. Great mix of humor with drama and emotion…my kind of story. And I actually like how it left Yo-Yo’s ending up in the air. Overall, I can highly recommend this one…I definitely enjoyed watching it…and I want to see more of Abbott…and the rest of the guys. Currently streaming on Hulu.

That’s some catch, that Catch-22…