Late Night (2019)

They’re giving comedy a rewrite…

I know most people want to get lost in a film that takes them out of their reality for a few hours, but its always refreshing when you come across a film that’s so grounded in a similar reality that you can really relate to or see yourself in.

Going in, I wasn’t sure how this one was gonna go (but since it was a doubleheader movie day for me, I knew it couldn’t be any worse than The Dead Don’t Die). I’m a huge fan of Emma Thompson (loved her ever since Sense & Sensibility) and I’m especially a fan of her comedic work (even though she’s probably more known for her more serious fare)…I think she’s hilarious…her interviews and “late night” (LOL) appearances crack me up…I wanna be just like her when I group up! She seems hella cool! I’ve also liked Mindy Kaling since her The Office days…she’s hilarious too!

This movie came out at the right time with all the Times Up and #RepresentationMatters movements. And I love when films deals with pressing, timely social issues, but with humor. The writing was well done and it was funny without being over the top. The supporting cast in the writers’ room was perfectly cast…all those guys (Hugh Dancy, Reid Scott, Max Casella, Paul Walter Heauser, Denis O’Hare and John Early) were great! Emma and John Lithgow gave really good performances. And to top it off, Emma Thompson looked amazing and her wardrobe was to die for (real Ellen vibes LOL)…new style icon alert! Definitely recommend this one…teaches a lesson (a few to be exact) with laughter and a sense of humor! Currently in theaters…on Amazon Prime Video soon.