I, Tonya (2017)

As a pre-teen when the Tonya Harding scandal broke, I just really remembered the gist of the story, not the actual details. This movie told the story of the girl form the wrong side of the tracks who didn’t fit the skating world’s mold vs America’s sweetheart in such a fun and enjoyable way. The whole situation reminds me of the British incident A Very English Scandal. The whole incident was so absurd in real life and this movie just played up the idioscy surrounding the whole scandal. I loved how this movie was shot and edited like a documentary within the movie. I, Tonya was well cast and superbly acted, especially by Allison Janey (who is always so good). Sebastian Stan and Margot Robbie were also great. Paul Walter Hauser was spot on as “Shawn.” I love how they played the real footage of interviews at the end. Overall, this is a fun, well-made snapshot of a moment in that will forever be remembered. Currently streaming on Hulu.