The Kings of Summer (2013)

You’re right, it’s a classic kidnapping. They took our children and the canned goods and pasta.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this one…the premise seemed like it would be kinda boring (3 adolescent boys run away from home seeking independence and to become “men” so they build their own “house” in the woods where they are the only one in control of their lives…while their parents are searching for them). But I thoroughly enjoyed this cute coming-of-age story…there was tension/conflict, love, drama, danger and “funny little boy facial hair” lol…what more could you ask for?!

Nick Robinson (Jurassic World, Krystal & Everything, Everything…another of my YA guilty pleasures) was great as Joe, the leader of this daring journey. Biaggio, played by Moises Arias (Five Feet Apart & Enders Game), was absolutely hilarious as the somewhat “off”, weird friend “who is just along for the ride.” The third friend, Patrick, was played by Gabriel Basso (Super 8). Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), who I think is absolutely hilarious, is great as Joe’s father. One of my favorite scenes was the snake scene…it was well shot and had just enough suspense for you to be on the edge of your seat. Mostly taking place in the woods, this was beautifully shot with some memorable scenes between the 3 boys (that dance scene in the woods, for instance lol). I recommend this one if you’re looking for a surprisingly cute and well done indie film. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

I can deal with the fact that the chickens are store bought. Okay? I can! But it really bothers me that the loaded potato isn’t Biaggio’s recipe…

No! No no, that actually really is. I-I honestly have no idea where he’s getting chives.