Quick Review: Krystal (2017)

This movie had somewhat of an outlandish premise with a young, sheltered Nick Robinson (Everything, Everything and The Kings of Summer…both of which I really enjoyed) falling in love with a much older Krystal (played by Rosario Dawson), who is a recovering addict and pretending to be an addict himself just to get close to her. The cast of characters were relatable and likable and luckily the plot wasn’t really predictable…that’s always a plus and I’m always a fan of diverse love interests on the big screen. The supporting cast of family members were great…and I wasn’t expecting T.I. to make a crazy appearance as Krystal’s stalker ex. On the other hand, this movie did have a lot of little weird elements thrown in that make this film “do too much” at certain times (like Nick’s laughable Southern accent smh). Granted this movie won’t be for everyone (supposedly it took 14 years to get this one made), but it was a cute, heartwarming but weird indie (directed by William H. Macy who also plays Nick’s father) that I rather enjoyed. Currently streaming on Netflix.