Quick Review: The Nun (2018)

The prequel in The Conjuring series, this film did big numbers at the box office, but absolutely nothing for me. I’m not even sure I would classify this as a horror film because it wasn’t scary at all even though it really tried (but I will say that haven’t really come across too many “horror” movies in the last 20 years that were really frightening). All of the “scary” parts were show in the trailers for this film so that kinda defeated the purpose a little…I know you want the previews to entice filmgoers but if I see all the “good stuff” beforehand, that doesn’t bode well for the film.

The plot of this one was weak, unnecessarily dragged on and the acting subpar. I was hoping for somewhat more from this one, but even the jump scares were weak. Hopefully, this will be the end of the franchise…even good things go bad if give them too much time. And maybe its just me, but every time I see Taissa Farmiga, I just see her American Horror Story character…she kinda reminds me of a Kristen Stewart…very flat in her performances. Overall, this movie seemed stiff, predictable and cliched with the only highlights being Frenchie (played by Jonas Bloquet) and Demian Bichir‘s Father Burke…oh, and I guess the music and visuals were okay…so there’s that.