Quick Review: 22 July (2018)

Superb moving story about the real-life senseless terrorist attack on innocent teenagers in Norway in 2011. It is a story about how love and hope and inclusion and togetherness will always overcome hate no matter the situation (and those trying to divide us over superficial “differences”). This was excellently shot (especially the attack on the camp)…this was apparently director Paul Greengrass’s first move to be shot entirely digital. The psychopath terrorist, played by Anders Danielson Lie and the young lead Viljar, played by Jonas Strand Gravi were especially good and you empathized with the survivor and his plight to overcome almost dying and his long road to recovery ending with him showing his would-be killer that he and his hate would never win.

I am a firm believer that film can be transformative and inspirational and plant seeds that can change the world and I think this powerful film do just that! I highly recommend everyone watch this one!