Quick Review: Holiday Calendar (2018)

In honor of the holiday season, I thought I’d give a Christmas “rom com” a try. Although I love rom coms and love/romance in general, I’ve never been huge on sappy Hallmark or Lifetime channel movies with the archetype characters and ofttimes farfetched scenarios . To me, this one kinda falls in that category (and it doesn’t help that oftentimes, the acting in these are kinda subpar…or maybe they’re just playing into their reputation…who knows). My mother is a Hallmark fanatic…all day…everyday…and I just don’t get it lol. Its the same storylines regurgitated over and over again and you know from the beginning how its gonna end. But to each his own, I guess.

Holiday Calendar, although Netflix, and not Hallmark, was in the same vein (Netflix has really gotten into the holiday-themed romance movie spirit…Christmas Prince, Christmas Inheritance, The Princess Switch, etc.). It wasn’t the worst one I’ve seen…it was just “Meh”. The plot was blah and predictable. Surprisingly, Quincy Brown (or Quincy Combs) wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be…but it helps that he’s really easy on the eyes. I liked Kat Graham on Vampire Diaries and she was “ok” in this…but was she wearing a wig in this movie? If so, what’s the deal with folks wearing bad, unnecessary wigs in movies (I’ll never forget that cornrow wig on Shemar Moore in that Tyler Perry movie smh). But, if watching these these types of movies is how you like to spend your holiday season, Netflix has got you covered so enjoy! Happy Holidays!!!

Sidenote:  Some folks like to add Love Actually to this genre of not so great moves…that’s blasphemy in my book!  I just might watch it right now actually…