“La Nuit a Dévoré Le Monde” aka “The Night Eats the World” (2018)

Not your average end-of-the-world-zombie film. This French film (in English) is the story of somewhat-loner Sam who wakes up from a party one night in Paris to find himself alone in a world of the living dead. But is he the sole survivor?

This film does a really good job of showing someone who has to come to grips with his new reality while fighting for his survival and sanity. Its an interesting and well-acted character study. The film was well-shot and well-executed and isn’t your typical over-the-top gory zombie flick. It felt like a very realistic portrayal of someone who thinks they are the last living person on Earth and our need for companionship and human interaction…even those of us who fancy ourselves to be more of the loner types (which worked out in his favor in this case).


This film starred Norwegian actor Anders Danielsen Lie, who I first came across while watching the devastatingly moving “22 July,” in what is essentially a one-man show (if you don’t count the zombie hoards).  You’ve got to give him props for essentially carrying this film and taking the viewer through the progression of coming to grips with his new “normal” (sounds kinda familiar) while not losing hope. At first, before the world turns, you’re not quite sure how to feel about his character but as the film progresses you come to empathize and relate to him…the confusion, desperation, disillusionment, longing, fear, hopelessness, solitude, optimism, fleeting moments of happiness etc. You feel all of it. The wonderful Iranian actress Golshifte Farahani (“Extraction”) also appears in the film and gives a wonderful, touching performance.

Overall, a very well-done, tamer version of a zombie flick with lots of character and feeling. Well worth the watch. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.