Black is King (2020)

History is your future…one day you’ll meet yourself back where you started, but stronger.

Those who know me, know that I am by no means a Beyoncé stan…I mean I like most of her music, but I appreciate her the same way I do every other artist…that’s it.

But her latest visual album “Black is King” is her ode to black excellence and the rich history of black people around the diaspora and I AM HERE FOR IT! Let me say Mrs. Knowles-Carter knows how to put a team together…everybody who was a part of this project slayed! It was beautiful and compelling to watch from beginning to end. The music was on point and quite a number of the songs have been added to my various Spotify playlists.

“The Lion King” is one of my favorite Disney movies and “Black is King” had me from jump with the James Earl Jones voiceover. It was really cool how they spliced together his Mufasa narration with Beyoncé voiceover and then the music. This was like watching a cinematic poem…it really gave it a cohesive, art-house film type feel. The cinematography was on point…they have an impeccable eye! It was also dope the way they switched between camera styles. The beauty of Africa is boundless and they did a good job of capturing that richness.

And the timing of this release is perfect! It comes at a time when black people could use a little pick-me-up…a little validation reminder that we validate ourselves…we don’t need it from others. But this story is bigger than just us…now is the time to rewrite our story! The journey is a gift.

The wide aerial shots…the amazing costumes…the dance sequences…the celebrity cameos (Lupita N’yongo, Naomi Campbell, Pharrell, Kelly Rowland, Solangé, Jay-Z, etc.)…vivid bold colors…black synchronized swimmers…Afro-Latino dance beats…odes to black women/girls…African artist features…Busta beats…loads of symbolism…all of that was super dope! “My Mood Forever” is my current theme song…that track is just dripping with swag and Jay-Z’s verse was a word.

Black is beautiful…in every shade. Representation matters and we, ourselves must change the narrative! I believe this is a must-see for everyone…black boys and girls…art lovers…music lovers…cinephiles…cultural critics…everyone. And I’m sure it led to quite an uptick in Disney+ subscriptions LOL.

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