Easy Virtue (2008)

In a family that prides itself as proper, vice becomes a virtue.

A Noel Coward adaptation that I thought was very well done. Everything from casting to costuming to set design was great. I’ve always enjoyed Coward adaptations for their dialogue and social commentary (“Design for Living,” “Paris When It Sizzles,” “Private Lives” ). The classic story of American “brashness” clashing with the sophisticated English with themes of love, societal constructs & expectations, running from your past and living your true life.

Jessica Biel was amazing…funny and dramatic and gorgeous…she fit right in to the 1920s time period. Kristin Scott Thomas was great, as usual, as the uptight condescending mother who’s snark was superb. Colin Firth was perfect, as usual, as the detached unhappy father disillusioned by the Great War and longs to get away. The supporting cast (Ben Barnes, Kimberley Nixon, Katherine Parkinson, etc.) was well-cast and played as well.


This movie really transported me back (not that I was around then LOL) to the ’20s and was a fun watch/escape for an hour and a half. I really connected emotionally with the characters and empathized with them. My favorite scene was the tango at the party…Biel really shined with the emotional vulnerability…a lot was spoken in that scene without uttering words. If you’re looking for a fun, little escape, I recommend this one. Currently available for rent on Amazon Prime Video.