The End of the F***ing World (2017 – )

This is my type of humor…dark comedies are the best and I really enjoyed this one (life is one big dark comedy, right?!). This British Netflix series, based on a graphic novel, follows two teenage misfits who embark on a road trip, and one of them is hell-bent on killing the other (and a possible psychopath) until love gets in the way.

I love unique stories with interesting characters and reluctant love interests (it kinda gives me Harold & Maude vibes for some reason LOL). The two definitely have some mental health issues (but hey, don’t we all) and the story revolves around the crazy, dangerous and deadly journey they embark on together. It also focuses on coming to grips with our own mortality and death, hurt, abandonment and “outsiderness.” I was a huge fan of the thought narration and how they focused on the perspective of both of the characters. This series definitely explores the psychosis of the two leads, James and Alyssa.


Expertly cast and superbly acted…the two young leads played by Alex Lawther (Black Mirror and The Imitation Game) and Jessica Barden (The New Romantic and The Lobster) were amazing. The deadpan deliveries and comedic timing along with the awkward chemistry between the two was perfect. The writing was brilliant and the performances by everyone involved, were well-directed. Razor-sharp humor that was fun to watch and makes this series breeze past. Edgy comedy with lots of emotionally exposed moments with some unforgettable performances made Season 1 a must-watch. And I’m so excited that Netflix has given this one a green light for a second season. Currently streaming on Netflix.