Fleabag (2016 – )

I didn’t know anything about this British comedy, or much about Phoebe Waller-Bridge for that matter, until I read an article about the bond team bringing her in to punch up Bond 25 and having seen a couple of episodes of Killing Eve (which is really good, by the way). So one Saturday I decided to take a stab at the very 1st episode (after seeing a preview for Season 2). I said I would just watch the 1st episode to see what it was all about before trying to finish up The Americans (which is absolutely amazing…I hate I’m so late to the party).

After watching the 1st episode, I said I’d watch just one more before switching…next thing I know, I had watched the whole damn season (and only 1 episode of The Americans SMH). Can I just say that PWB is freakin’ hilarious…this type of humor is right up my alley…and the show itself is top notch. Great cold opening! I loved the mix of comedy and serious drama…I thought that was perfect. I love how Fleabag breaks the 4th wall and talks to the audience and I like how the recurring flashbacks hint at the backstory.

Fleabag deals with these of sexuality, familial dysfunction, perfectionism, self-loathing, gender issues, sibling rivalry, singledom and relationships and boundaries amongst other things. Olivia Coleman is great, per usual, as Fleabag’s Godmother/Stepmother. Sian Clifford (“Claire”) and Brett Gelman (“Martin”) are also great. The writing on this is exceptional and these are characters we can all relate to (or at least I definitely can as an “older millennial”). Ben Aldridge who played the hot hookup guy “who knew it”, was definitely easy on the eyes and very funny as well. I hope the 2nd season is just as good as the 1st so I can breeze through that one as well! (Sidebar: It was and I did! And Andrew Scott as the Priest was really good!). Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.