A Coffee in Berlin (aka Oh Boy) (2012)

Do you know what it’s like…to have the feeling that all the people around you are honestly kind of weird? But when you think it over, then it becomes clear that the problem is with yourself.

Another Arthouse-type film, this German-language film (which won the German Film Award for Best Picture, Best Script and Best Directing in 2013) follows a day in the life of Niko Fischer (Tom Schilling), a millennial university dropout who’s trying to figure his life out. The story unfolds through a series of weird encounters with folks ranging from his pyschologist to his his father to an actor and an old grade school classmate, with the common thread being his search for just a cup of black coffee in Berlin.

Shot in black and white (my favorite…it adds a certain depth to a story), a perfect choice for the mundane happenings of the day…it adds to the overall mood of the film. Starring Tom Schilling (who I love…Generation War, Same Sky, Suite Francaise…and I finally got around to watching Never Look Away too) as the wandering soul, he plays the part very well (a very grounded and natural performance)…questioning whether he is the crazy one or not in his encounters. One of my favorite scene was when he was at his appointment answering the questions about his drinking…the pace and time and dialogue in that scene were well delivered and engaging. His encounter with his former schoolmate also took a weird unexpected turn that was well-acted and well-shot and directed.

Overall, this was an entertaining film focused on the more mundane aspects of life…certainly a movie that a fellow millennial can relate to. Currently available to rent on Amazon Video.