Bodyguard (TV Series 2018 – )

This British drama/thriller series had me hooked in the first 15 minutes. The scene on the train with David Budd (Richard Madden), the female “terrorist” and the police stand-off was so well executed, well-written, well-acted and tension-filled that it sucked me right in! Richard Madden (GoT’s “King of the North”…that Red Wedding scene still gets me all in my emotions) was amazing in this…he was so stoic, tortured and mysterious and really seemed to capture the life of a former solider dealing with PTSD. This show was definitely a roller coaster from beginning to end. Everyone seems to have ulterior motives and you can’t tell who to trust…who’s a “good guy” or a “bad guy”…everyone seems to operate in the grey which makes for multi-dimensional characters and some very compelling TV! I can definitely see why Madden won a Golden Globe for his performance…well-deserved! I’m super stoked that its been picked up for a 2nd season…I highly recommend this one! Season One currently streaming on Netflix.