Schitt$ Creek (2015 – )

This just might be the funniest show I’ve seen since Arrested Development (with a similar set up…wealthy, spoiled family that falls onto hard times and are exiled/flee to “No Man’s Land” with a ditzy daughter, over-the-top eccentric mother, dad who keeps coming up with cockamamy ideas that are always going awry and a son who tries to keep his sanity while trying to keep the family afloat).

Eugene Levy has always been hilarious to me (Best in Show, anyone?!) and then you go and add his real-life son, Daniel Levy who is equally hilarious with great comedic timing and such an expressive face. Drop an upity, well-to-do family off in the middl of nowhere in a little country town and the laughs are inevitable…and throw in some cute little love stories (which bring their own comedic bits). Dysfunctional, crazy families always make for good fodder and a good story that keeps you coming back (a la Shameless). Miora, played by Catherine O’Hara (frequent Levy collaborator) is great as usual; the “straight-woman” Stevie, played by Emily Hampshire is hilarious as are some of the other towns folks. Overall, I couldn’t recommend this more! Currently streaming on Netflix.