Triple Frontier (2019)

This Netflix original money heist film was pretty good…a little improbable at times but I guess former special forces operatives can pull off anything. With an all-star cast including Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina & Star Wars franchise), Pedro Pascal (Narcos & Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy & Pacific Rim) and Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound & TRON: Legacy).

The plot of this one loosely follows the same storyline as the original 1960’s version of Ocean’s 11. There was tension, action and lots of drama, but from the beginning you had an inclination that things weren’t going to turn out in the five friends’ favor…its never a smart (or safe) idea to steal millions from a notorious South American drug lord…let alone get greedy about how much you’re going to steal. Visually, this was pretty dope because they have scenes in the air, in the mountains and on the water.

I wish this one had gone more in-depth with the characters’ backstories–particularly how they became “brothers”. But even without that, this one was well acted, but I felt like  Affleck’s character was kind of flat and predictable. The ending was pretty predictable. Apparently this one had been in development since 2010 and there were a whole bunch of heavy-hitters who had been attached to the project at one time or another (i.e. Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Kathryn Bigelow, Mahershala Ali, Casey Affleck, Denzel Washington, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith). Not a must see, but if you got some free time you can give it a watch. Currently streaming on Netflix.