Calibre (2018)

I always find that any film/tv series that takes place in the woods or wilderness…specifically the woods of Sweden, Scotland, Germany, etc. (i.e. The Ritual and Dark, etc.)…aren’t going to end well for anyone, so I’ll steer clear and stick to the city lol. This movie tracks two old friends who go on a hunting trip in a small Scottish town and the unthinkable happens that alters the lives of all involved.

From the beginning, the town and its residents didn’t sit well with me and seemed kinda sketchy. This movie shows the lengths we will go to save our skin…questions our morality and limits and shows that we never really get away with anything…absolution must be paid. It also shines a light on small, dying rural areas and the links they will go to save themselves and protect themselves from “outsiders who think they are better”.

This dramatic thriller was well shot, suspenseful and an emotional rollercoaster…that tension in that barn scene was crazy…would you be able to do it??? Calibre was well acted by all involved especially Jack Lowden (Dunkirk) and Tony Curran who always plays a good “take no crap” scary guy. This one will definitely make you question your humanity and you may think you know exactly how you would respond until you’re put in that situation…how strong is your resolve??? Overall, this was a solid feature film directorial debut by Matt Palmer. Currently streaming on Netflix.