Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back) (2018)

This hilarious, British black comedy (poking fun a fairly serious subject) about a young man who has given up on life and has attempted suicide 10 times to no avail (I loved the montage of all his attempts). He then hires the services of an aging, professional assassin, who is being forced into retirement, who stumbles upon him while preparing to jump off a bridge…but alas he has the worst (or best) luck. Hilarity then ensures once the shy, brooding but super manner able William, expertly cast and played by Aneurin Barnard (who was great in Dunkirk)…he gives off somewhat of a reluctant vampire vibe lol…finds a reason for living in the equally cynical Ellie, played by Freya Mavor. The affable Tom Wilkinson (Leslie) makes for an unlikely assassin but is great in the role and his wife (played by Marion Bailey) is too cute. The head of the British Assasins’ Guild (Christopher Eccleston) is also great and super funny. Overall, this a cute little movie with a little action, suspense and romance thrown in for good measure. It’s fresh, well written and well acted…you can easily escape your humdrum life in it. Currently streaming on Netflix.