Quick Review: In Bruges (2008)

I had no idea how this movie was going to play out, but I thoroughly enjoyed this very dark comedy/crime drama. The acting/casting was great! Brendan Gleeson (father of Domhnall) as the older, more seasoned hitman/straight man to Colin Farrell‘s younger, more reckless newbie assassin was perfect…the dialogue and timing between the two was right on point. The pair of them were hilarious, but touching at the same time…clearly 2 actors who really had fun with these characters (both actors were nominated for Golden Globes…Farrell won). Ralph Fiennes was great as usual and plays the hell out of a crazy villain. The dialogue and plot were great and it was well shot.

Although it had its more gruesome moments (fun fact: the word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives are said 126 times…an average of 1.18 ‘fucks’ per minute lol), in the end, it was an exceptional movie about redemption, conviction, dealing with the consequences of our actions, friendship, inner good and sticking to ones values no matter the outcome. Overall, I highly recommend this movie! (Currently streaming on Netflix)