What’s Coming to Ovid.tv This Month

If you’ve been reading Musings of a Streaming Junkie for a while now, you know that I love indie, foreign, and documentary films…things that aren’t quite mainstream. So those of you in the know, know that that OVID.tv (the curated streaming destination for documentary and art-house films from around the world) quenches my thirst for good cinema.

It’s that time again…here’s the new offerings this month that I’m most looking forward to:

Saturday, May 1st 
Marx for Beginners OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere 
Directed by Bob Godfrey; Icarus Films, Documentary, 1978

Based on the book by the Mexican cartoonist Rius, MARX FOR BEGINNERS is a hilarious animated film that highlights Marx’s most influential ideas, and places them into the context of western civilization by introducing Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, da Vinci, Copernicus, Galileo, and Descartes. All in seven minutes!
This sounds really interesting and worth a watch — a love a film that interesting and educational at the same time.
Thursday, May 6th
Paul Gauguin OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere, New Restoration!
Directed by Alain Resnais; Icarus Films, Documentary, 1949

Short documentary on painter Gauguin’s life illustrated by his paintings and diary entries.
Guernica OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere, Restored!
Directed by Alain Resnais; Icarus Films, Documentary, 1949

On April 26, 1937, the small Spanish town of Guernica was bombed by Hitler in support of Franco. This first air force attack of a civilian population was the subject of Picasso’s 1937 painting.
Tuesday, May 11th
FALN OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere
Directed by Peter Gessner and Robert Kramer, Icarus Films, Documentary, 1965
USAvailable for the first time in forty years, FALN was the first film made by Peter Gessner and Robert Kramer (1939-1999), each of whom over the next several decades produced a body of work dealing with social and political issues. FALN is thus also an artifact of the social turmoil of the Sixties in the U.S., in particular the proclaimed solidarity of the era’s New Leftists with Third World liberation struggles.
I consider myself somewhat of a history buff (I don’t know everything, but I’m interested in learning about everything) so this is right up my alley. As an Economics and International Politics major in college, I’ve always been fascinated with social and political issues.
Friday, May 14th
Devil in the Flesh OVID Exclusive, Streaming Premiere
Directed by Marco Bellocchio, Icarus Films, Feature, 1986
Starring Marushka Detmers
DEVIL IN THE FLESH caused a critical uproar upon its release due to its highly-charged political and sexually frank subject matter.

Marushka Detmers (THE MAMBO KINGS) stars as Giulia, a young woman engaged to marry Giacomo, who’s sitting behind bars because of his political activity. Restless in her appetites and inner turmoil, she meets a young student, Andrea and a passionate affair quickly ensues. But when the day arrives in which she has to face whether she wants to share her life with Giacomo or Andrea, Giulia makes a surprising decision.
This sounds juicy…

Frantz (which I LOVE — you can read my review here) and selected works of the award-winning Mexican documentary filmmaker Eugenio Polgovsky (best known for chronicling the struggles of the indigenous population, often against the backdrop of an indifferent society) are also debuting on the streamer this month.

Here’s everything new to OVID.tv this month:

A Chef’s Voyage, Rémi Anfosso (2020) 
Dance Camera West Festival 2021, Various Directors 
Devil in the Flesh, Marco Bellocchio (1986)
Directing Actors, Jean Renoir (1968)
FALN, Peter Gessner and Robert Kramer (1965)
Frantz, Francois Ozon (2016)
Guernica, Alain Resnais (1949)
Le Crabe-Tamour, Pierre Schoendoerffer (1977)
Lore, Cate Shortland (2013)
Lost Course, Jill Li (2019)
Marx for Beginners, Bob Godfrey (1978)
Oxhide, Liu Jiayin (2005)
Paul Gauguin, Alain Resnais (1949)
Seadrift, Tim Tsai, (2019)
The 317th Platoon, Pierre Schoendoerffer (1965)
The Films of Eugenio Polgovsky – Resurrection (2016),  Lightbyrinth (2016), Success (2014), Mexican Ritual (2012), The Inheritors (2008), Tropic of Cancer (2004)
The Goumbe of the Young Revelers, Jean Rouch (1965)
Tribute to Alfred Lepetit, Jean Rousselot (1999)
You Go to My Head, Dimitri de Clercq (2018)

What are you looking forward to checking out this month?