What I Watched This Month – April 2021

After realizing that I missed my March post, we’re back in the game. My viewings slowed down a lot in April after a little film festival fatigue. But as I’m in the midst of the Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF) and Hot Docs as I write this, it’s picking back up (I’m just riding the wave).

So here’s what I watched last month.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend watching Limbo…a lot of films are shining a spotlight on the plight of migrant and immigrant communities around the world — and this one was a good one. Well written, directed, and acted. (in select theaters)

At the Ready was a wild documentary that left me conflicted just like the high schooler in the film. I shied away from this one at one of the earlier festivals (I can’t ever remember which films played where sorry), but I finally gave it a go during the Atlanta Film Festival and it was quite an interesting watch — definitely a conversation starter.

Ludi — another film (but narrative this time) about the plight of immigrants just trying to make it, this time a young Haitian woman in Miami — was another solid watch this month. Caught it at ATLFF.

Came across Jesus Camp while scrolling on Hulu and trying to find something to kill time. This one was done in the early 2000s but was definitely frustrating to watch. (HULU)

I was pleasantly surprised by Words on Bathroom Walls…after being chastised for referring to YA films as “fluff” (but I promise it wasn’t in a derogatory or demeaning way if you know me, I love a good YA film — just take a look at my DVD collection lol), I’m changing the way talk about these films. Some of these are really good…moving…thought-provoking…fun, etc. And I really enjoyed this one. I’m a fan of Taylor Russell and I hope that she has a long and illustrious career — and I haven’t seen Andy Garcia in a while so that was fun. (AMAZON PRIME)

Synchronic left me confused…wasn’t a fan. (NETFLIX)

My Octopus Teacher, the now Oscar-winning documentary, was a beautiful watch and well-crafted…but personally, I don’t think it should’ve won the Oscar 🤷🏽‍♀️ (NETFLIX)

After watching The Dissident (about the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi) on the recommendation of a friend (I, unfortunately, missed it on the festival circuit) and being impressed by it, my friend recommended that I check out one of Bryan Fogel‘s other documentaries, Icarus. Fogel is a fascinating character and he does a damn good documentary. (The Dissident is available to rent & Icarus is on NETFLIX)

Shiva Baby was so cringe-worthy and funny and spot-on. If you get the chance, check it out. I’m keeping writer/director Emma Seligman on my radar as one to watch. And actress Rachel Sennott was amazing too! (Available to rent)

Q: Into the Storm was quite the ride (HBO docu-series).

I’m just starting to think that maybe I’m just not a Woody Allen fan (and I’m not even talking about his personal life issues 🥴) — with the exception of Midnight in Paris — I thought A Rainy Day in New York was boring and blah. And I love Timothée Chalamet, but even he wasn’t enough to save this for me. (AMAZON PRIME)

The Last Blockbuster documentary brought back so many memories as a child who came of age during the 1990s and early 2000s and was a huge movie buff (I even worked at a video store in high school — it was Hollywood Video and not Blockbuster though lol). More power to the last Blockbuster standing! (NETFLIX)

As Above, So Below…man, I wasted my time on this one (and I hate saying that because a lot of people put their hard work, time, and energy into making a film). This was crazy and NOT in a good way. I think I’m just not a fan of found footage-type movies. (NETFLIX)

After watching PBS’s The Long Song (and really enjoying it, by the way, I thought it was well done) and loving Tamara Lawrence and Jack Lowden in it, I thought I’d watch the drama thriller Kindred where the two play opposite each other again. Man, this one definitely had me feeling some type of way. But it was well acted all around with a solid cast. Worth the watch. (HULU)

So that’s it, a light month for me. But I want to know what you watched last month? Anything good? Fun? Drop a line in the comments and let me know!