Coming to a Streamer Near You – Dec. 2020

So many streamers, not enough time SMH. With thousands of selections at our fingertips — and more being added everyday/week/month — it can be tough choosing what to watch next (I touched on that in my Option Overload post). But no worries, I’m here to help!

If you’ve not already subscribed to, you should be. There’s an amazing selection of documentaries and art-house films from around the world that are sure not to disappoint. Mostly unavailable on any other platform, this month they’re adding compelling stories of the immigrant and refugee experience, powerful Latin American dramas, restored documentaries in the Explorations Collection and much, much more. With that said, here’s what I’m looking forward to that’s coming to the site in December:

Dec. 2nd — “Day One” (2019) by documentary filmmaker Lori Miller: This one chronicles Middle Eastern and African teen refugees who are guided through a program of healing by devoted educators at a unique St. Louis public school. Its always fascinating to get a glimpse of the lives of others whose backgrounds are completely different from yours.

Dec. 4th — Ives Rosenfeld’s award-winning “Aspirantes” (Hopefuls) (2015): This is the story of Junior, a young player for an amateur football team whose growing jealousy reaches dangerous proportions.

Dec. 9th — Gabrield Mascaro’s “Housemaids” (2012): Seven adolescents film their families’ housemaids and their employers — this should be interesting…

Dec. 11th — Marc Allégret’s “With Andre Gide” (1951): This restored documentary is a portrait of the Nobel-prize-winning author, social justice crusader, anti-colonialist, adventure traveler, musician and one-time Communist — sounds like quite the life!

Dec. 16th — Raúl Santos’ “The Rock” (2011): This film explores Spanish dictator Francisco Franco’s closing of the entrance to the British territory of Gibraltar in 1969, forcing the separation of thousands of mixed families.

Dec. 18th — Chris Marker’s “A Grin Without a Cat” (1977): Available to stream in North America for the first time. This epic film-essay on the worldwide political wars of the 60’s and 70’s was originally released in France in 1978. Since I majored in International Politics in undergrad, this seems quite interesting to me.

What else is new this month…

“Border South” (2019) Documentary by Raúl O. Paz

“Sad Song of Yellow Skin” (1970) Documentary by Michael Rubbo

“Yo” (2015) Feature directed by Matias Meyer

“El incendio” (The Fire) (2015) Feature by Juan Schnitman

“Camocim” (2017) Feature by Quentin Delaroche

“La Arrancada” (On the Starting Line) Feature by Aldemar Matias

“The Marquis of Wavrin” (2017) Documentary by Grace Winter & Luc Plantier

“Travels in the Congo” (1927) Documentary by André Gide & Marc Allégret

“Society of the Spectacle” (1973) Documentary by Guy Debord

What are you looking forward to seeing in December?!