What I Watched – October 2020

So, yeah I’m a little late with this one…but hey, better late than never right?! This critic stuff has really taken off in the past couple of months — hence why I took the “and wannabe critic” out of description. Ya girl is official now! And that’s also why I logged a record number of films/shows last month — there were several film festivals in the mix.

I saw “What’s New Pussycat?” back in high school and really enjoyed it — I recently re-watched it and not so much lol. Peter O’Toole is still a fan favorite and “How to Steal a Million” is one of my faves! I was a little disappointed in “Emma” and pleasantly surprised by “Villians.” My mom and sis are usually the Hallmark/Christmas movie ones, but I am not ashamed to say I had fun with “Holidate.” And I’ll stick with the original “Rebecca.
Don’t let the title fool ya, “Shithouse” was surprisingly really good for a debut feature. Randomly watched “Becoming Jane” in a hotel room in VA…love James McAvoy. Why are we so scared of socialism?! First time watching “The Watermelon Woman” and I liked it. “Collectiv” is one of the best docs I’ve seen all year and “Notturno” was visually stunning. “My Psychedelic Love Story” — fact is stranger than fiction.
These were some of my AFI Fest views…the Greek film “Apples” was unpredictable and a great watch. Loved “Wander Darkly” and Diego Luna. French film A l’abordage” was good.
I enjoyed “Uncle Frank”“No Ordinary Man” was informative…“Luxor” was a snooze fest…“Tragic Jungle” gave me “Daughters of the Dust” vibes…“The Boy Behind the Door” was brutal — towards the kids…“Wolfwalkers” is one of the best animated films I’ve ever seen…“76 Days” was timely and heartbreaking.
Re-watched “Posse” and its still a crazy ride…“Nine Days” was interesting — in a good way…It was nice seeing black love that wasn’t tragic or all about race in “Slyvie’s Love”“Bad Hair” was definitely a fun and campy watch…“A Perfect Enemy” was confusing…
Ashamed to admit this was my first time watching “Lost in Translation” — not a huge ScarJo fan, but I really liked this…Why did I torture myself and watch “Cats” — that film is ridiculous…Renee gave a strong performance as “Judy” one of my favorite performers…“Books of Blood” is skipable 🤷🏽‍♀️
Everyone should see “The Forty-Year-Old Version”…was glad I could finally watch “Corpus Christi” — its been on my watchlist since it debuted…“Vampires vs. the Bronx” was good family fun…“…And God Created Woman” was my first exposure to Brigitte Bardot — and I could’ve done without this film, it doesn’t hold up…It was interesting to see Alain Delon as a cop in “Un Flic” — he’s my absolute French favorite…and here he was again in “Scorpio”…and “Time” is a MUST-WATCH doc for everybody!

What did ya’ll watch last month? Anything good? Really bad? Anything you recommend???