Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (2018)

This movie was bananas…and not in a good way. Never really been a Tyler Perry fan (I did enjoy his stage plays though)…just not my bag, but I understand his place in pop culture I definitely respect him a business man. But this movie…

First and foremost, this is about a young woman who has some serious mental health issues (obvious even in the beginning of her story) that were never addressed or dealt with…therein lies the problem. If that had been dealt with, this story never would’ve happened. But that’s just the story/plot.

The execution…basically, this was just Taraji P. Henson‘s (I love Taraji, but this wasn’t it) “Melinda” yelling and screaming the entire time SMH. Definitely a turn off. The narration/voice over in the form of a therapy session in which she is telling the story could’ve worked, but it didn’t. This film was just a bunch of unhappy people and all it really showed was that misery loves company. I get that Perry has a particular audience, but I don’t get why all of his female leads have to be soooo broken and tragic sheesh.

And I wasn’t a huge fan of her husband “Robert” (Lyriq Bent) either…he was kind of a deadbeat…the stereotypical “mad scientist” who is only concerned about their work with their head in the clouds and not in reality. He was aggy…her busy-body sister “Brenda” (Ptosha Storey) was aggy. Most of the characters frustrated me…their motivations and decisions were illogical…it was just a tad far-fetched. But I did enjoy her sister “June” (Jazmyn Simon is always good in my opinion).

Overall, if you’re looking for something crazy to watch, you can watch this… otherwise, I’d advise against it…you won’t be missing much.

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