Isi & Ossi (2020)

This German film kept popping up on my suggestions on Netflix so I figured I’d give it a shot. Wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with this one but it was a fun watch. Although not a new storyline, a rich girl pretends to date a boy from “the wrong side of the tracks” to blackmail her wealthy parents into letting her live out her culinary dreams, it was still a fun watch. It still seemed fresh with the other side characters and subplots. “Isi & Ossi” is filled with funny moments mixed in with more tendered scenes. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it through because it seemed like they were talking super fast and I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the subtitles (I need to brush up on my German lol).

The cast was great, the acting was very natural…the two leads Lisa Vicari (“Isi”…she’s also in the German series “Dark” that I really like) and Dennis Mojen (“Ossi”) had great chemistry and Ernst Stotzner who played the cooky, degenerate grandpa was over-the-top (it was a surprise to see him in a more comedic role after seeing him in the more serious German series “Babylon Berlin”…another favorite). If you’re looking for something light and charming, definitely check this one out. Currently streaming on Netflix.