Butterflies Are Free (1972)

You’re always dwelling on the negative. Always what he needs, never what he wants. Always what he can’t do, never what he can. What about his music? Have you heard the songs he wrote? I’ll bet you didn’t even know he could write songs. Well, you might be dead right about me. I’m not the ideal girl for Don. But I know one thing: neither are you! And if I’m going to tell anybody to go home, it’s gonna be you, Mrs. Baker! You go home!

I absolutely love this move…so much so that I bought the DVD (in 2019) LOL. There is nothing overly exceptional about the film, but I am quite the sucker for a cute love story. It’s a great mix of tender moments and tension and conflict.

This film revolves around “Don,” played by Edward Albert, who is blind but ready to come from under his overprotective mother and become an independent young man. Then he falls in love with his flighty, hippie neighbor “Jill,” played by an effervescent and bubbly Goldie Hawn in her heyday.


Perfectly cast and superbly acted (everyone was natural especially Eileen Heckart who reprised her role as the Mother…this was a broadway adaptation). This film dealt with disability, class and generational issues in a way that was authentic and not over the top. There was great set design and pithy dialogue that was true to the times but still kinda holds up. I could watch this one over and over again and still feels new…I highly recommend this cute rom-com.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.