Le Samourai (1967)

Alain Delon is the epitome of “calm, cool and collected” (a la James Bond, but even more stoic…borderline psychotic) as hitman Jef Costello who’s last hit has sent him down a tricky path. Delon, in a mostly silent performance is great (the first almost 10 minutes are completely dialogue-free). Everything was slow and deliberate which was really helpful since my French vocabulary is growing so I was able to pick up phrases here and there.


The filmmakers did a great job of filing this with tension and little twists. The cinematography was great and this one definitely gives off film noir vibes (all the tropes are there). This is definitely one you want to watch till the end because for some reason, you are invested in the hitman character even though there is no real back story and he is mysterious AF. This film inspired countless great directors in the years to follow. Cathy Rosier was great and gorgeous in her role as the “witness.” Francois Périer was great as the police commissioner as well. That ending was great too!

If you want to watch a great movie, definitely give this one a try. Currently streaming on the Criterion Channel.