The Laws of Thermodynamics (2018)

This Spanish-language film was really cool nerdy romantic comedy. At first take, you would think that this film would be boring or fall flat…trying to explain love and relationships using the Laws of Thermodynamics and Physics…I’ll pass LOL.

But the style of the film was really original (to me at least), different, interesting, engaging, thought-provoking and even educational (all the things a great film should be in my opinion). I really like how it felt like a science program with clips of actual scientists interspersed throughout the film explaining the theories by the plot of the movie.

Well-cast and superbly acted, especially Vito Sanz as “Manel” the neurotic scientist who falls in love with the beautiful model Elena, played by Berta Vázquez. He was really relatable and authentic. Also starring Chino Darin as his best friend “Pablo” who was really great. The film was well-shot and expertly edited. The cinematography was great, set design and locales as well. I really enjoyed the flashback scenes  where we saw the same situations but from the differing perspectives of the characters. Overall, this was a fun, refreshing watch for modern audiences who like to be stimulated, both emotionally and intellectually. Currently streaming on Netflix.