Juanita (2019)

I watched this one at the urging of my sister and had no expectations going into this…but I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did this one portray a love story that isn’t usually shown on the screen (older AND interracial, but still 2 minorities), but I also got to see an Alfre Woodard that isn’t normally seen and she was great…funny and authentic. I like how they pointed out the stereotypes then confronted and shattered them. I also loved that this film used actual native peoples and how Woodard’s character broke the 4th wall and spoke to the audience directly (I’m usually a fan when films do this in moderation).

I was also a fan of the outlandish dream/daydream sequences with a very “extra” Blair Underwood playing a caricature of himself. Overall, this was a cute little movie about finding yourself, self-care/love, family, stepping outside of the your box and allowing yourself to love and be loved no matter your past or flaws. Recommend this as a lazy weekend watch. Currently streaming on Netflix.