The Favourite (2018)

Sometimes a lady likes to have fun.

A funny, feminist, historical dramedy (that came out at a perfect time given the current state of society) that centers around 2 women trying to improve their lots in life by vying for power and Queen Ann’e affections. I thought this was expertly cast and just an acting masterclass! Olivia Coleman was phenomenal and all of the praise she’s been getting for her portrayal of Queen Anne is definitely well-deserved. I love Emma Stone and she was great as the ruthless, cunning, witty and smart Abigail. I’m usually nota huge Rachel Weisz fan but I absolutely loved her in this role as Lady Sarah…her back and forth with Emma were on point!

Oh it is fun to be queen sometimes!

Speaking of on point, the costume design in this film was amazing and very stylish but also symbolic with a feminist slant. Wonderfully directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (who also directed The Lobster, also starring Weisz, which was a little too weird for me). I also don’t want to leave Nicholas Hoult out of this review…he was so extra and I was here for every bit of it! This was my first exposure to Joe Alwyn (well, I thought it was but apparently he was in Boy Erased which I saw prior to this) and I thought he was pretty good as well. Although The Favourite had its slow moments that I felt like dragged the movie out, overall, I thought this was well done and thoroughly enjoyed it…recommended watch.

A man’s dignity is the one thing that holds him back from running amok.