Atypical (2017 – )

Normal is overrated.

A great series about a family dealing with a teenage son who is on the autism spectrum. The story revolves around Keir Gilchrist’s “Sam” and his journey to be more independent and find love. I feel this is a pretty realistic portrayal. It was well-acted and had a great cast all-around. the writing was really good and I enjoyed the fact that each character had their own story/journey they were on and the writers expertly showed how they all intertwined and impacted each other. You really sympathize for Sam and how he has to navigate the world and the unsympathetic people who shun those who may be “different.” It also made you sympathize with his family, especially his younger sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) who always had to consider her brother’s well-being before doing what she wanted to do and really live her life.

Keir Gilchrist was amazing as Sam…really believable and likable. Brigitte Lundy-Paine was also great as Sam’s younger sister who was just trying to figure out her own life but truly loved her brother. Their parents  were played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapport who were both really good in their respective roles. Friends Zahid (Nik Dodani), Paige (Jenna Boyd) and Evan (Graham Rogers) were also great and added a lot of comic relief.

Chock full of funny “LOL” moments and tender, heartbreaking moments of emotion alike. This is a great story about love and acceptance, family and embracing independence and life…sacrifice and stepping out of your comfort zone and being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I can’t wait for the next season, definitely one of the best shows out! I highly recommend this series. Currently streaming on Netflix.