Cold War (2018)

Now I’m yours. For ever and ever.

This Polish film got so much praise and hype when it was released last year and was even nominated for a few oscars so obviously it was on my “Must Watch List” and March 22nd couldn’t come fast enough (it’s release date on Amazon Prime Video). I had high hopes for this one (it checked a lot of my boxes…a black and white, foreign film that takes place in the aftermath of WWII)…but I was highly disappointed.

I think the black and white cinematography was a smart choice that helped set the mood and tone of the film and went well with the “cold” characters. There were some long panning shots with only background nature sounds that went a little too long and some really tight shots that worked…and some that didn’t. I think I can honestly say this is the first movie in a while that I’ve seen where I didn’t relate to nor like any of the characters…especially Zula (Joanna Kulig). I did not like her character at all and did not get nor understand the allure and appeal of her. And I know this is very superficial, but there were a few times where I was distracted by Tomasz Kot‘s (Wiktor) height (6’6”). The music was great though, which was instrumental to the film! Overall, I guess this is one of those ones you watch just so you can say that you did. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Aside: I’m still waiting for a way to watch the German film Never Look Away that also got a lot of buzz and a few Oscar noms last year…hopefully this one won’t disappoint…but that’ll be hard since it has one of my favorites, Tom Schilling in it and Paula Beer who I really liked in Frantz).