Series Review: LoveSick (2014 – )

Let me just start by saying that I love this British series…and it starts with a hilariously awkward premise that is bound to lead to some great material…Dylan finds out he has a STD and has to notify every girl he’s had sex with (talk about an uncomfortable conversation). Fun fact, this show was initially titled “Scrotal Recall” lmao…so glad they had a change of mind on that one! I love how this comedy is shot…or airs rather…it jumps around his timeline and each episode focuses on a different girl…how they met, their relationship and the actual sharing of the bad news.  It also shows what happens after the boy gets the girl. As a hopeless romantic, Dylan seems like a lost cause when it comes to love (bad timing, missed opportunities, really knowing how to pick them, etc.), but surprisingly, his situation just might lead to him finding his true love that was there all along (and he has some equally “unlucky in love” roommates along for the ride). This series is just one of a couple of recent projects that are trying to reinvigorate the Rom Com genre…most rom coms give a distorted, “rose-colored” depiction of love/relationships/romance…but this one gives you the (oft-times hilarious) reality.

No shade to the actors (Johnny Flynn, the musician, Antonia Thomas, Daniel Ings, Joshua McGuire, Hannah Britland and Richard Thomson amongst others) in this series, but I appreciate and love the fact that this “modern day search for love” features a cast of “regular-looking folks” and not supermodel, Hollywood-looking stars (although Antonia Thomas is gorgeous in her own right)…it just felt good to really be able to relate to the characters on the screen…like you are or know people just like them. This series is super authentic and realistic and any of the situations/topics could easily be found within any group of millennial friends today. Expertly cast and hilariously written, the characters are all “likable”(even the “bad guy”) and relatable, their relationships believable and overall just brilliant TV.  So if you’re looking for a fun, easy (each episode is usually around ~25mins) watch on a lazy, Saturday or Sunday, I highly recommend this one (hopefully there will be more seasons to come…fingers crossed)! Currently streaming the first 3 seasons on Netflix.

Finding love is all heartbreak, disappointment, and misery…until it isn’t.