Quick Review: Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)

Having never seen any of the other Mission Impossible films in their entirety (smh), I went and saw this when it came out in theaters because everyone was saying it was so good…it was OK. Maybe I need to see the others to really understand it, appreciate the relationship between Ethan Hunt and his team and really put it in perspective.

You really have to suspend believe with these films…Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is damn near a “super hero” regular with some of ht feats and stunts he pulls off…is T.C. even human??? That motorcycle chase was visually cool but super unrealistic…but most movies are fantasy, right? Hunt should be dead or at least severely injured.

The plot twists were cool. Henry Cavil was some good eye candy and the bathroom fight scene was pretty intense and cool. Simon Pegg was great (but when is he ever not?). If you’re a fan of the franchise…or Tom Cruise…I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.