The App for Movie Lovers!

So an old friend of mine (the one who I actually credit for my eclectic taste and appreciation for all things film) recommended this app, Letterboxd, to me…and I am hooked.  It’s essentially a film diary where you can log the films you watch, rate and review movies, create watchlists (instead of trying to keep a “mental note” of movies your friends/co-workers suggest…because we know this “list” doesn’t really exist, but Letterboxd solves that problem lol), get recommendations, etc.  I’ve only been on the app for less than a month but I’ve already rated over 1,000 films…it really is addictive (my friend warned me, but I thought he was exaggerating lol)…and I’m sure that’s only have of what I’ve seen. Once you start, you will definitely get lost down the rabbit hole, but trust me, it’ll be fun and worth it. And Letterboxd actually helps me with this blog…when I watch a film I can rate it and jot down a few notes that help me with writing my reviews later on…so its actually a godsend. I highly recommend this app/website for all movie buffs out there!

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 11.18.30 pm