Quick Review: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

So, I love Black Mirror, so when I heard they were coming out with an interactive (i.e. “Choose Your Own Adventure”) movie, I was super stoked (but I didn’t watch it right away when Netflix released it smh). Although I liked it overall, I think the “cool-factor of this Sci-Fi thriller outweighed the actual plot of the movie…but the film does make you question how in control of our lives and the decisions we make we really are…who’s really pulling the strings. This felt new and different because it gave you the opportunity to control some of the decisions our main character Stefan (adeptly played by Fionn Whitehead…who I also think did a great job in Dunkirk). But really, you didn’t really have as much control as a viewer as you initially though…there were several times where I felt like “they” were forcing you to choose certain paths…but maybe that was the whole point of the movie…how much autonomy do we have in the decisions we make and the paths that our lives go down??? But I will say that it was superbly acted by all involved, especially Fionn…he almost made me feel bad for making him so some of the things I chose lol. Overall, I recommend everyone watch this, if you haven’t already, for the novelty of it. (Currently streaming on Netflix)