Quick Review: Frantz (2016)

I love a beautiful black and white film and this French/German film was just that. With a great cast and intriguing and thought-provoking premise, I really enjoyed this historical romance set in the aftermath of WWI. Pierre Niney was great as the mysterious Frenchman (Adrien) who shows up with flowers at the grave of young German, Anna’s (Paula Beer) fiancé. The film is in French and German, but don’t shy away because of the subtitles, this one is well worth the reading. I love a good foreign film — a great film is a great film no matter the language or country of origin…you’ll miss out on a lot of great work if you discriminate lol…life lesson!

Beautifully shot and well-written, this one definitely had me intrigued trying to figure out exactly who Adrien was and what his connection to Frantz was.  The characters were deeply conflicted and it made for compelling performances. The two main leads were great and it was refreshing to see the dynamics between a strong female character and a fragile male character. The short bursts of emotion and life in color were a great artistic touch as well. Themes of the aftermath and consequences of war, the sins/decisions of parents (fathers) falling upon the children, forgiveness and grief and loss and moving on with life. (Currently streaming on Amazon Prime)