Quick Review: Bird Box (2018)

Let’s just cut to the chase…there was so much hype around Netflix’s new Bird Box movie…but I don’t think it lived up to the hype…it did make me think about how I need to stock up on food and supplies just in a case “the thing” shows up though. But it was most definitely a social media phenomena (the memes were hilarious…and the #BirdBoxChallenge foolish and somewhat dangerous smh). According to Netflix, it got over 45 million views (a Netflix record), so I guess it was also a “hit”.

I felt like the plot was somewhat lacking (kinda predictable) and it felt just like every other “apocalyptic” movie/show I’ve watched recently (being holed up in the house with folks turning on each other reminded me of The Mist)…I got strong Cargo vibes, even though my sister said I was stretching on that one lol. A parent trying to protect their children at whatever cost with a “minority” character helping them along the way with them eventually being “saved” or reaching the safety and “sanctuary” of people who are considered “other” or “different”. Just saying…maybe it is a little stretch, but I see the similarities. I appreciate the fact that there were themes that we were supposed to acknowledge (ie. motherhood, fear, hope, etc.) but it just didn’t do it for me.

I did appreciate seeing Trevante Rhodes in this though (he was great in Moonlight and funny in The Predator…even though that movie was awful lol)…he’s having a good year! Danielle Macdonald (Dumplin’) was good…John Malkovich played crazy/a**hole well (as usual) and Tom Hollander was creepily good too! And can someone tell me what happened to Machine Gun Kelly and Lucy…where’d they go…what was their fate??? Inquiring minds want to know. Overall, I’d say just watch it so you can join in on the water cooler talk at work/school and understand the hundreds of memes.