What’s New on OVID.tv — Feb. 2021

So I know I’m a little late since we’re already halfway through the month…but better late than never, right?! Per the usual, OVID has some interesting films coming to the streamer this month that have piqued my interest.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to checking out this month:

Luc Bondy’s final feature film as director, False Confessions which brings Marivaux’s play into 21st century Paris with Isabelle Huppert commanding the screen as Araminte, the wealthy widow who unwittingly hires the smitten Dorante (Louis Garrel) as her accountant. Secrets and lies ensue. Huppert always seems to choose interesting roles and films and I’m sure this will be no different…and I’m a fan of Garrel (and just French films in general, but you all already know that).

I’ve been getting into Nigerian films recently on Netflix so I’m interested in check out Franco Sacchi’s doc This is Nollywood about the country’s booming film industry and it’s broad implications for the cultural and economic development of the country.

Joseph Gai Ramaka’s Senegalese film Karmen Gei is the first African “Carmen” and, arguably, the first African filmed musical. Accordingly, Gaï Ramaka has completely replaced Bizet’s score and the usual staging with indigenous Senegalese music and choreography. This sounds interesting…

Tamer El Said’s ambitious debut feature In the Last Days of the City (an OVID Exclusive/SVOD Premiere), Winner of the Caligari Film Prize at Berlinale, tells the fictional story of a filmmaker from downtown Cairo played by Khalid Abdalla (The Kite Runner, The Square) as he struggles to capture the soul of a city. Shot in Cairo, Beirut, Baghdad and Berlin during the two years before the outbreak of revolution in Egypt. And speaking of the Arab Spring, if you haven’t seen the documentary “The Square,” definitely give it a watch (it’s currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Mubi) — one of my Top 20 documentaries of all time.

Here’s what else is coming to the streamer this month:

  • Lomax the Songhunter (2005) Directed by Rogier Kappersan OVID exclusive
  • Ezra (2007) Directed by Newton Aduaka
  • Tahrir: Liberation Square (2011) Directed by Stefano Savonaan OVID exclusive
  • Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc (2017) Directed by Bruno Dumont
  • Marie Curie (2016) Directed by Marie Noëllean OVID exclusive
  • Winning Girl (2014) Directed by Kimberlee Bassford
  • Thunderbolt (2000) Directed by Tunde Kelani
  • Althusser: an Intellectual Adventure (2016) Directed by Bruno Olivieroan OVID exclusive
  • Foucault Against Himself (2014) Directed by François Caillatan OVID exclusive
  • I Do Not Care if We Go Down in History as Barbarians (2018) Directed by Radu Judean OVID exclusive
  • Aferim! (2015) Directed by Radu Judean OVID exclusive
  • Rebels of the Neon God (1992) Directed by Tsai Ming-liangan OVID exclusive
  • The Hole (1998) Directed by Tsai Ming-liangan OVID exclusive
  • Colette (1951) Directed by Yannick Bellonan OVID exclusive
  • I Was A Teenage Feminist (2005) Directed by Therese Shechter
  • Tokyo Idols (2017) Directed by Kyoko Miyake
  • The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street (2017) Directed by Ruth Zylbermanan OVID exclusive
  • A German Youth (2015) Directed by Jean-Gabriel Périotan OVID exclusive
  • The Rest I Make Up (2018) Directed by Michelle Memran
  • Service: When Women Come Marching Home (2012) Directed by Marcia Rock & Patricia Lee Stotter
  • The Heretics (2009) Directed by Joan Braderman
  • Suspension (2019) Directed by Simón Uribean OVID exclusive
  • Winter Nomads (2013) Directed by Manuel von Sturleran OVID exclusive
  • Ága (2017) Directed by Milko Lazarov an OVID exclusive
  • Viktoria (2014) Directed by Maya Vitkovaan OVID exclusive

There’s a lot of good stuff coming this month…what will you be checking out?! Drop a line in the comments below to let us know what you’ll be watching!