What I Watched — November 2020

It’s that time again — time for me to give you a sneak peek into my indiscriminate viewing habits — it baffles even me sometimes 🤪 I watched about 40 things last month — mostly first-time watches and finished up a couple of series as well.

I’m trying to immerse myself in as much French stuff I can (to help me learn it a little faster) so a lot of my views will be French film or series going forward. Speaking of such, “The Piano Teacher” caught me all the way off guard. Benoît Magimel was absolutely entrancing. HBO’s “The Undoing” kept me off-kilter the entire time — definitely recommend the watch. Danish drama “Queen of Hearts” was really good — reminded me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. French/Algerian political drama “Z” is a classic. Piercing was weird AF. “Slam” was a cute Italian teen drama.
Those who know me well, know I love me some Shawn Mendes — I had to watch his new doc for a review for WLE (and it was cool that there was footage from the Rogers Centre concert that I was actually at). “On the Rocks” was cute — I interviewed Rashida Jones earlier this year and I’m a huge fan! “The Rental” left a lot to be desired, but Dan Stevens is always good for a little eye-candy lol. “Hilter’s Hollywood” was an interesting doc. “The Twentieth Century” was another one that was weird AF. And I don’t think I’m a fan of French 60’s musicals a la “The Young Girls of Rochefort” — and I hated Gene Kelly‘s dubbed voice 🤦🏽‍♀️
“Brad’s Status” was white male privilege in all its glory 😒 I know that’s all there was but 70’s horror was really bad lol. “Columbus” was cool. I really enjoyed French film “Goodbye First Love.” I was throughly surprised by how much I liked “Embattled” — did a review and interviewed the director for WLE — check it out! “Dick Johnson is Dead” was an interesting doc.
Just fyi, I’m not watching these films back to back, I’m just updated/logging them wrong. “Dreamland” felt like a knock-off “Bonnie and Clyde.” “Mangrove” was the first in Steve McQueen’s new 5-film collection and it was pretty good — slow start but it picked up. I couldn’t get into “His House” even though its getting good reviews. “Operation Christmas Drop” was cute. “David and Lisa” was a little hard to get into.
I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to watch so I watched a couple of favorites — “The Gentlemen,” “Butterflies Are Free” and “40 Carats” still makes me laugh. “Countdown” was bad and “Jungleland” was meh.

I also watched “Dash and Lily”…finally got around to watching “Euphoria” — boy that shit is heavy, but soooo good! I also watched Netflix’s “The Dutchess” which was cutely funny and Amazon’s “Alex Rider” which I binged in two days and enjoyed for what it was.

If you’re not using Letterboxd to track your film viewing, I don’t know why not. If you are already and aren’t following me, I don’t know why not (I’m trying to sum up my reviews on there in just one emoji — but its super hard most times lol). Let’s be friends and talk movies. What’d you watch last month? Drop a line in the comments.