The Other Lamb (2019)

Visually stunning and vibrant…lots of dream sequences and beautifully shot underwater scenes. The cinematography was amazing…lots of wide shots, up-close shots, panoramic, tracking shots and zoom out. That’s pretty much where the praise ends from me. This movie was kind of lackluster to me.

“The Other Lamb” is a story about cult mentality, abuse, womanhood and femininity. This film stars Michiel Huisman as the charismatic, abusive, sexually charged cult leader (I’d join Huisman’s cult any day lol…not his character “Shepherd’s” though because he was a major sicko). Huisman was in another cult movie “The Invitation” that wasn’t that good either, but better than this one…I guess it’s his Dutch good looks that makes him an apt cult leader. The story mainly revolves around late-bloomer “Selah” (Rafferty Cassidy…who plays in a lot of dark roles…like in “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”) and her journey and self-discovery within the cult.

This one was very art-house and creepy with lots of quiet and ominous music. Definitely has “Handmaid’s Tale” and “Midsommer” vibes. But not really worth the effort in my opinion. Currently available to rent on Amazon Prime.